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Will Artificial Intelligence someday dominate humans?

The term “Artificial Intelligence,” or AI, suggests a category of computer technology that challenges humans. Some very smart people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steven Hawking warn of the dangers of AI getting so powerful it dominates humans.

The basic claim is that these techniques will get smarter as computer power continues to grow, until we reach what has been called a “singularity” — where the “artificial” intelligence is smarter than human intelligence.

But lets take a deeper look at this category of advanced computing. “Artificial Intelligence” is a term that has a long history. It has been an area of academic study since the 1960s. The major subject in the ’60s was “Expert Systems,” where a human expert in an area used specialized software tools to express their knowledge as a form of computer code.

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Published in NY Daily News January 25, 2016

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