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Technically Dead

A new novel by William Meisel

Technically Dead takes place in the near future. Technical genius Archibald Teal and his digital assistant Erasmus help Detective Nikki Sharp look for the killer of a technology executive. One prime suspect is a competitor of the dead executive, but the case against him is largely circumstantial. Other suspects seem to have alibis. As they try to unwind the complex case, Archie’s interest in Nikki beyond detective work is stymied by his lack of social graces.

Book Reviews

Reader’s Favorite Five Stars

“William Meisel’s police procedural mystery, Technically Dead, is well-plotted and very entertaining.”

US Review of Books – .VeG8_9NVhBc

“Meisel’s technical expertise shines through in his depiction of Erasmus, a byproduct of artificial intelligence and robotics.”

“There is a level of intelligence and deceit that each suspect is capable of that continuously places a shroud on the truth and makes Technically Dead an enjoyable whodunnit type mystery.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will delight in watching the computer nerd get the girl—and maybe catch a killer as well.”

Forward Clarion Reviews

“Meisel’s absorbing work keeps pages turning and minds churning, and his ability to combine the technological with the personal makes him an author to watch.”


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