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Over Automation Tax

Software Society attempts about Over Automation Tax

We, at the Software Society, attempt to highlight on the various features of society and its functioning in association with the advancements of technology that are being carried out at a pace faster than time. On elaborating this, it has to be mentioned that automation is a process of employing certain technologically advanced devices in place of manual resource, so as to carry out the various activities, which were initially supposed to be performed by the latter. Over-automation is a related feature which beholds consideration in this regard, because this refers to a situation in which the extents to which the technical devices are employed in the various functioning facets of the society, exceed the level desired. It is our basic motive to throw light on the various evil consequences like unemployment of human resources and others to be highlighted in a proper manner so as to alert the society in maintaining the balance between the technology and human power in every way possible.

The Software Society also highlights on the feature of Automation Tax which in association with the term, refers to the process in which the sales-tax procedures are automated, that is, managed and carried out by means of technological designed devices.

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