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Various Feature of Language and Technology

We, at The Software Society, attempt to throw light on the various facts of the society which are in relevance with the technological advances which result on account of the development of the Software whatsoever. The Language and Technology, in association with the term refers to, the natural language processing which involves in it the technology of speech along with the linguistics which is essentially associated with the computational procedures whatsoever.

Language is one of the basic features of mankind and it is with us that the various features along with their applications are brought under consideration so as to create awareness of the technological advances that have catered its prevalence in association with the linguistics and the computer science at large.

The basic intention behind the feature of Language and Technology is to highlight on the various changes that have been taking place and are still on the process on account of the various upcoming technological devices and appliances. It is focused that these are supposed to be real effective traits and the newly introduced technological devices which are designed so as to help one acquire sufficient knowledge about a particular language and it’s speaking whatsoever.

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