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Google Chrome web browser enhances voice interaction

Google recently released their Chrome 27 web browser for the desktop, Android, and Apple’s iOS. The new version of Chrome 27 for the iPhone and iPad contains improved voice search, according to a Google blog. To use it, one taps the microphone icon in the search box and begins speaking. Improvements, according to Google, include faster speech recognition with text streamed on the fly as you are speaking (rather than waiting until you stop speaking). Another feature is having answers spoken back to you (using text-to-speech synthesis) when it is possible to narrow the web search results to a single answer.

Google’s Chrome web browser also lets developers add speech recognition to their Web applications, using Google’s cloud-based speech recognition at no cost. Developers use an Application Programming Interface provided by Google to let users converse with their Web site. Developers who create an app for Chrome through their web site will have a voice-interactive solution that doesn’t have to be downloaded.

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